Eliot Cowan

Eliot’s commitment to the healer’s path began in the 1960s as an herbalist. In the ’70s he earned a Master of Acupuncture degree from England’s reknown J.R. Worsley. In the ’80s, after years of study with Indigenous healers in Mexico, Eliot reintroduced the ancient practice of Plant Spirit Medicine to the modern world. He deepened his learning through years of apprenticeship and initiation with the late Huichol Indian shaman, Don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, who ritually recognized Eliot as a guide for shamanic apprentices in 2000. Eliot travels widely, teaching, healing and promoting balanced relationship with the human and other-than-human worlds.

In 1986, Eliot Cowan, an American healer, rediscovered the power of plant spirits to heal the human spirit. He has been practicing and teaching Plant Spirit Medicine ever since. His book, first published in 1995, re-introduced this neglected ancient practice to the Western world, and the current edition of Plant Spirit Medicine is enriched with perspectives he gained as an initiated elder medicine man of the Indigenous Huichol tradition of Mexico.

Mr. Cowan is also the founder of the Blue Deer Center in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The Center, an affiliate of the Sacred Fire Community Organization, is an important home for ancient wisdom teachings of many lineages. For almost forty years, Eliot’s healings, seminars, writings, ceremonial work and community service have changed the lives of thousands of people in many countries.


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