Protecting the Sacred

Through a strong participatory partnership model, our Grant Program works with Indigenous communities worldwide to ensure that their ancestral wisdom can continue to flourish for generations to come.

Honoring Indigenous Elders

Indigenous Elders are keepers of the wisdom that our ancestors cultivated through the ages. We honor and support them through our Wisdom Treasure Award.

Raising Awareness

Through our Events and Media Program we provide opportunities for people to experience Indigenous wisdom and learn how to apply these values in their daily life.


Connect with Ancestral Wisdom

Upcoming Events

Voices of Wisdom gatherings provide opportunities to listen and learn from Indigenous Elders in an intimate ritual setting.

Recent Blog Posts

Maji Moto Cultural Experience – November 2022

Maji Moto Cultural Experience – November 2022

Sacred Wisdom Journey and Salaton Ole Ntutu Elder Graduation Ceremony – Kenya, November 2022. We’re so excited to announce a once-in-a-lifetime journey to experience Kenya’s diverse wildlife and incredible biodiversity exclusively for you – our Sacred Fire Foundation...

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