Sacred Fire Foundation supports the continuance of indigenous wisdom and strives to raise awareness about the values of the indigenous worldview as a way to effect social change and transform the world in which we live.

Indigenous peoples hold the moral reserve of the world.

—Onondaga Chief Oren Lyons


Protecting the Sacred

Through a strong participatory partnership model, our Grant Program works with Indigenous communities worldwide to ensure that their ancestral wisdom can continue to flourish for generations to come.

Honoring Indigenous Elders

Indigenous elders are keepers of the wisdom that our ancestors cultivated through the ages. We honor and support them through our Wisdom Fellowship Award.

Raising Awareness

Through our Events and Media Program we provide opportunities for people to experience indigenous wisdom and learn how to apply these values in their daily life.


Focus Areas

We’ve awarded more than 50 grants in 15 countries spread across 5 continents.

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Connect with Ancestral Wisdom

Upcoming Events

Our premier event, Ancient Wisdom Rising, is being planned for the Summer of 2018. Voices of Wisdom gatherings provide opportunities to listen and learn from indigenous elders in an intimate ritual setting.

Recent Blog Posts

2017 Voices of Wisdom Southeast

By Cindy Fogle Imagine a spectacular 360 view of the Blue Ridge Mountains atop a grassy knoll in Weaverville, NC. Here, people of all ages, from infants and toddlers, to folks in their wisdom years, came together to experience the sacred. The ancestors gathered, too,...

Voices of Wisdom at the Blue Deer Center August 22 and 23, 2017

The Voices of Wisdom event at the beautiful Blue Deer Center was a powerful experience and many of us who attended feel we grew significantly from participating in it. Gail Whitlow, a Mohawk Elder, presented first, explaining that for centuries, prior to the white people’s arrival, her Mohawk ancestors had used this land for sacred gatherings.

Join us in Celebrating Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral wisdom, held by Indigenous elders the world over, is the knowledge gained and kept for centuries by the Indigenous Peoples of the world. Not only does it hold the key to our survival, but it also teaches us how to live in right and balanced relationship with everything and everyone around us.

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