David Wiley

David Wiley is a Tsaurirrikame (Elder Shaman) in the Huichol Indian tradition of the northwestern Sierra Madre of Mexico and is a Granicero (weather Shaman) and healer in the Náhuatl Indian tradition of the highlands of central Mexico. In these roles he serves his community as a counselor, community and ceremonial leader along with being recognized as a spiritual conduit for the elemental of fire known by the Huichols as Tatewarí or Grandfather Fire. David is an elder of the Sacred Fire Community, an international community that is working to rekindle mankind’s relationship to each other and to the world through the universal and sacred spirit of fire. He also serves as Chairman of the Board for the Sacred Fire Foundation.

David is a healing Shaman in the village of Tepoztlán, Mexico. He leads Temazcallis (ceremonial sweat baths) as a Temezcallero, treating local Mexicans and visitors seeking help. He is a ritual leader conducting weddings, baptisms, coming of age initiations and funeral rites and other rituals. As a central piece of this work, David is the keeper of a new Huichol ceremonial center (a Tuki or Caliwayh) in Tepoztlán. He also travels internationally offering healing work, teachings and counseling. He is a tireless servant of his Gods and his people, working to bring more heart and fire into the world through community building based on being in right relationship to the divine living world.

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