The heat of summer is upon us and the organizations we support are hard at work. From empowering Indigenous youth to embodying sacred ceremonies to rescuing languages from extinction, the torch of Indigenous wisdom is being passed to new generations—thanks to your generosity.

Never have initiatives like these been more crucial. Around the world, Indigenous youth face increasingly perilous futures: loss of culture, migration, and alarming rates of depression and suicide.

This work requires reliable, steady assistance—a heartbeat, of sorts—and this summer we wish to establish steadfast assistance to the extraordinary organizations and projects we support.

By becoming a monthly donor, or increasing your monthly donation, you can become part of the heartbeat of this work—and RECEIVE A HAND-EMBROIDERED GIFT!

Every 2 weeks a language disappears, and with it, the heart of a culture. Which is why the work of organizations like Sna Tzibajom is of such acute importance.

In Chiapas, Mexico, Sna Jtzibajom (meaning ‘the writer’s home’) empowers communities. The organization trains instructors to teach reading and writing of their native tongue through a process of honoring and deepening their ancestral Mayan wisdom. Far more than simple language lessons in Tsotsil, Tseltal or Chol, this process gives teachers and students a renewed pride in their identity and inspires the entire community. Yet they struggle to get the funds they need to continue to do such urgent work.

Become part of the heartbeat of this work and receive one of the following gifts!

If you become a monthly donor or increase your existing monthly donation by the following amounts, you will receive a beautiful gift embroidered by Tsotsil women in Chiapas.

Wool Heart
$10 USD

Pencil Case
$25 USD

Tote Bag
$50 USD

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