Our Partners and Donors

We work in concert with others to benefit the traditions of our world

Our Partners and Donors

We work in concert with others to benefit the traditions of our world
Our partners and donors make our work possible. We are grateful for the financial contributions, collaboration, and shared vision of many committed organizations and individuals.

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Our Partners


International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP)

IFIP convenes and educates donors to build capacity and enhance funding partnerships to improve the lives of Indigenous Peoples globally.


Guidestar Gold Transparency 

Our organization earned a 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency! Now, everyone can view our financial details and learn about the people at our organization. Check out our updated #NonprofitProfile on Candid.

We are incredibly thankful to our Community Partners Review Committee members for their efforts and dedication to making sure we implement a robust, fair and thoughtful grants review process and in assisting to make the Protecting the Sacred Partnerships program a success.




Proudly Quechua, Hip-hopper, Activist, and Father.

I have worked in various community and cultural projects since 2007, now active in a space called Escuela Rebelde Saturnino Huillca, from where colleagues develop social projects for the recovery of identity and ancestral practices, Rio Rimac Kusi Mayu is one of them, Palenque Hopper, In these spaces the community recovers its language, dance, territorial connection, spirituality, among others, learning is constant and diverse and is accompanied by a critical look at the model of modern society. The knowledge of the grandparents helps us to reconnect with time and forms of the pachamama, if we do not find that pulse, we get sick. It is necessary that the tissues of recovery of ancestral identity be strengthened, made visible and expanded; The economic factor, such as impulses, support and others are vital for these communities, for me it means a lot to be able to contribute to that process, definitely with the intention of continuing to learn and articulate.



Quechua scholar from the Central Peruvian Andes. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the Universidad Nacional del Centro del Peru (Huancayo, Peru) and a Master’s degree in anthropology from Georgia State University (Georgia, USA).

 Breidy’s research interest centers on the reconstruction of dietary patterns and residential mobility of prehispanic Andean populations who inhabited the Mantaro valley during the Late Intermediate period (AD 1000-1400) and the Late Horizon period (AD 1400-1532). As a Quechua bioarchaeologist, Breidy’s research incorporates Western anthropological methods and Andean knowledge and he aims for the participation and inclusion of living Andean populations in his research. For the last five years, Breidy attended and presented his research at multiple scientific meetings in the United States and Peru. Recently, Breidy has been working as an archaeologist for multiple archaeological firms in California and Oregon. His daily fieldwork includes excavation, pedestrian surveys, testing, data recovery, lab analysis, and consultations with local Native American tribes.




Ms. Mulenkei has many years of experience in community development work, focusing on issues related to Environmental Issues which include the work in the Conventions on Biological diversity, Climate Change, Desertification and others. she is also active in Human rights, Women and Girls rights that include Reproductive health rights, education, and development that impacts on Indigenous Peoples and their local communities. She has experience in local level advocacy, to national, regional and international where she brings the international discussions to the local level. As the Executive Director, Indigenous Information Network, she has advocated for the recognition and for the voice and rights of remote Indigenous Peoples women and girls, to be heard. Apart from being a gradute of Gender and Development Studies from the University of Nairobi, she has studies in Journalist, Project mangment, human rights based approach, Leadership and Environment just to name a few. Ms Mulenkei carries many roles, She is a Member of a number Boads and Co-founder a number of Indigenous Peoples Networks, among them the African Indigenous Women’s Organization, the International Indigenous Women’s forum, Indigenous Women Biodiversity Network, the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity , and has been working with other Indigenous Peoples with the Global Evironment Facility as a Member of the Advisory group . Also one of the Members of the High-Level Commission (“HLC”) on the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 Follow-up, for an initial period of three years. Recently appointed as a Member and a Co-Chair of UNEP Advisory group Ecosystem Restoration



Māori of the Ngāti Kahungunu tribe on the East Coast of the North Island, Aotearoa (New Zealand). 

Mary has over 30 years experience across government, business, philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors. 

For the last 10 years Mary has worked alongside community groups (including Māori / Pacific / Ethnic communities) and assisted them to achieve their goals and aspirations.  More so, she has worked with many Māori Iwi (tribes) and Hapū (sub-tribes) in the development of their Marae (tribal reservations) and cultural projects where mātauranga (indigenous knowledge and wisdom) is paramount.   

Like all indigenous cultures, Māori base their world view upon the relationship with the natural (and spiritual) world where each generation continues their role as guardians to care and protect the environment for present and future generations. 

International travel and work abroad have provided Mary with a greater appreciation and respect for all cultures and communities.  She recognises that for many generations, indigenous wisdom has been either extinguished or dampened to small embers and sparks.    She believes the Sacred Fire Foundation is part of the greater consciousness movement to gently blow the ‘breath of life’ on those embers to re-ignite the flame and restore the sacred fires around the world.



Mashpee Wampanoag

Hartman Deetz is a Mashpee Wampanoag who has been active in Native and environmental movements for over 20 years. This activism is based on his spiritual foundation in his Native traditions that value the earth as a living being. Deetz has been participating in ceremony from age 12 and has joined in Native ceremony across the Americas over the past 30 years. He has worked with Mashpee Coalition for Native Action, 2008’s national Longest Walk 2 campaign, Idle No More SF Bay, and traveled to Standing Rock North Dakota as well as Indian Bayou Louisiana to fight Energy Transfer Partners massive intertwined pipeline projects that run the length of the Mississippi. Deetz is currently engaged with advocating for the hunting and fishing rights of Wampanoag people in Massachusetts.

Deetz says he is excited to work with Sacred Fire foundation to support the efforts of cultural renewal and self determination for Indigenous people the world over. Indigenous cultures live with the land and are the antithesis of the destructive, disposable culture of commodification and extraction commonly known as colonialism. As we are living today we see the massive heat waves, burning oceans and the terrible outcomes on the world we all live in after centuries of prioritizing short term profits over the health and well being of life on this planet. It is so important , now more than ever, to seek out and uplift alternative ways to exist that might offer us a future that we can live with.

Organizational Donors

Numero Uno
Hewlett Packard Company Foundation
Para PachaMama – Spirit of Earth
Stone Mountain Group
Sacred Fire Community
Maine Community Foundation
Zev Yoga
The Creativity Compound
The Sandy River Charitable Foundation
In Touch
Health Care Wellness
FrogWorks, Inc.
Jewish Communal Fund
Worldwide Indigenous Science Network
Mawenawasigh Healing Arts
Philosophy Farm
Clophill Fruit Farm
Grace Duong Inc
Latattore Foundation
Eastdil Secured
MeadowWood Flower Essences
Dreaming Willow Natural Therapies
A Sacred Space Ministry
Innerelf Centre
Cynthia Hawley, Attorney
North Coast Family Health
The Firestone Family Giving Fund
S.E. International Inc.
Total Health Center
Infinite Brightness
RSF Social Finance
Homeodynamics, LLC
Innovative Healing
Common Counsel Foundation
Steinberg Institute
Sage Foundation
Ocone Family Trust
Peterffy Foundation
Living Awake, Inc.
Prince Communications
Kalliopeia Foundation
Soaring Eagle Foundation
S.E. International, Inc
The Tracking Project
Calliope Center for Reflection and Renewal
Altair Finance SA
Vickery Health & Wellness
The Hopi Preschool (Hopitutuqaiki)
Amber Moon Wellness, LLC
Wellspirit Healing Arts Alliance

Individual Donors

Karen Aberle & Cristian Valenzuela
Elsa Adams
Phadia Adams
Ann Agranoff
Lorraine Aguilar
Donald Alf
Ellen Allen
Karen Allen-Maguire
Jessica Almy-Pagan
Jonas Zev Amberger
Brad Amelino
Bradley Andrews
Sarah W. Annis
Michael & Wendy Arbuckle
Theresa Arico
Allison Armijos
Alison Arnold
Sofia Arroyo
Jose Manuel Arroyo Y Castelazo
Julie J. Arthur
Shari Azar
Teresa Bagby
Albert & Ana Baker
Jeff & Diane Baker
Kate Baldwin
Tom Balistrieri
Marilyn Bannan
MaryLynn Baran
Lois & Tim Barber
Jeff & Una Barkstrom
Margo Barnard
Kate Barrier
Stanley Rick Bates & Amy Donohue
Marie Bathum
Keith & Michele Baughman
Aaron Bauman
Miree Louise Bayliss
Kristina Beaubien
Amy Beauregard
Janet Beaver
Ruth Beck
Beverly Ann Beckham
Elle Beddingfield
Mark Bedell
Xiomara Bell
Arnold & Jill Bellowe
Maria Benedetti
Mary Bennett
Louise Berliner
Will Berliner & Ali Jobson
Cathy Berry
Nathanael Berry
Julie Bete
Len Beyea
Patricia Bielsky
Tracey Bish
Philip & Judy Bishop
Mark Blessington
Ann Bliss
Susan Bloch
Sherry Boatright
Arifa Boehler
Rainy Boland
Linda Bornholdt
Sylvie Boustie
Lynn Bowers
June Boyle
Sarah Brennan
Bonnie Bright
Wendy Brittain
Catherine E. Brockbank
Jon Brodel
Peter & Lael Brodsky
Roz Brokaw
Marnie Brooks
Sharon & Peter Brown
Daniel Brown & Maribeth Quinn
Gwendolyn Broz
Ralph & Jolene Broz
Jacqueline Brulotte
Edward Bruner
Anna Brzeski
Jeanine Buller
Christian Burchard
David Burman
K’Anna Burton
Tony Burton
Gail Byrnes
Sylvia M. Calderon Couriel
Lissa Callirhoe
Sadaf Cameron
Chris Canfield & Kate Finlayson
Stephen Canner & Jody Wallace
Trish Cannon
John Carroll
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll
Miscellaneous Cash Donations
Mercedes Caso Valdes
Nancy Castle
Dionisio Ceballos
Anthony Cerabino & Laura Tria
Daniel & Bettyann Cernese
Richard Chamberlin & Jill Ortiz
John Chandler
Javier Chapa
Daniel Chazanas
Curtis Childers
Peggy Chung
Annie Clark
Melanie Clark
Rebekah Clark
Gwen Clemens
Amber Clement
Joan Clement
Frances F. Cleveland
Rebecca Coble
Jim Coddington
Erica Cohen
Laurence Cohen
Timothy & Karla Cole
Jennifer, Ava & Brian Collins
Vincene Collura
Angela Colorado
Elizabeth Cooke
Santha Cooke
Katherine C. Cooper
Wendy Core
Pedro Cortes
Sonya Luz Costanza
William Coughlin & Anna Lukas
Eliot Cowan
Sophia Cowan
Victoria Cowan
Barbara J. Cox
Oona Coy
Stephen Crimi
Keiko Cronin
Connie Cummings
Elizabeth Cunningham
Martha Cunningham & Brian Ratay
Meike Cyr
Claudia D’Occhio
Linda Darin
Edine Davis
Emily Davis
Jennie Davis
Sara Lisa Davison
Daniela De Francesca
Mary de Rosas
Kristina Deacon
Kristine Deason
Kim Delagran
James Dennis
Thomas & Sabine Dherbecourt
Joyce Dillon
Katarina & Richard Diss
Kathryn Donald
Terence Donovan
Leslie Doughty
Janet Dowell
Annmari Dubrino
Renata Dunkle
Mary Dunnam
Grace Duong
Mai Duong
Karen M. Durkee
Laurel Durrett
Catherine Dyer
Annie Eagan & Daniel Sprinkles
Stephen & Craig Easley
Ron Eberhardt
Mel Eberle
Larry Egan
Jessica Eisenheim
Pauline Elkin
Elisa Elkin Cleary
Holly Elkins
Brian Engleton
Nancy Eos, MD
Jeannette Episcopo
James R. Epstein
Justine Epstein
Evelyn Erickson
Erin Everett & Adam Laufer
Artemia Fabre
Mauricio & Clara Fabre
Sara Fargo
Jet Feather
Jeanne Feeney
Jules R. Feeney
Linda Felch & Randy Whitlock
Lyn Felling
Susan Felsher
Jane Ferguson
Mary Fifield
Rani Findlay
Chuck & Beth Finkle
Johnathan & Samantha Firestone
Michael Flatt
Patrick Fleck
Barbara Fleeger
Mace Fleeger
Mary Flynn
Cindy Fogle
Diane Foley
Patricia Fontaine
Gregory Foster
Amanda Foulger
Joanne Francis & Peter Egelston
Claire Franck
Anne Freels
Mark Frost
Debra Fry
Betsyann Gallagher
Ramona Gault
Maeva Gauthier
Alison Gayek
Debra Gdovin
Mary George
Sara George
Louis Gerards
Kathy German
Monika Ghent
Sammikay Giering
Wes Gietz
Mark Gilliland
Elizabeth Gilmore
Shoshanna Gleich
Chellis Glendinning
Nancy Glidden
Sheryl Goodling
Lisa Goren
Kathleen Gorman
Alison Gottschalk
Laura Gottschalk
Christine Gray
Katharine Gregg
AliceGray Gregory
Carolyn Gregory
Chris Griffin & Nicole Colvin Griffin
Heidi Griswold
Mark Grosman
Kawal Grover
Donna Groves
Mark Gunter
John Gunty
Barbara Hackman
Dennis Hamm
Patrick Hanaway & Lisa Lichtig
Margaret Hancock
Lucy Harmer
Nancy Harmon
Harriet Harper Tejada
Shelley Harrison
Rick Haug & Liz Parker
Cynthia Hawley
Amy & Douglas Haynes
Yolanda Hayslett
Rachel Hebert
Leon Hecht
Teresita Heiser
Eileen R. Heisman
James Held
Richard and Lyra Heller
Kenneth & Jean Henderson
Larry Henderson
Erin Hendrick
Frank Henninger
Jorge Henriquez
Johanna Heyno
Paula Hill
Jessica Hilton
Andrea Hirsh
Pamela Hoadley
Cuong Hoang
Dori & Ron Hodges
Caroline Hoeschen-Hilton
India Hoeschen-Stein
Nancy Holm
Mark Hooker
Christine Hopkins
Theresa Horan
Marly Hornik
Samata Horwitz & Charles Gramlich
Kenneth Hosie & Lauren Barnert-Hosie
Carl Hovey
Gary Hubiak
Debra Huffman
Simon Huxley
Carl Hyatt
Frank & Kim Hyer
Star Ibis-Meigs
Ayesha Ibrahim
Carol J. Inglis
Christine Isaacs
Jenny Isler
Kala Iversen
Jane Jackson
Su Jacob
Nora Jamieson
Keith Jefferson
Deanna Jenne’ & Gary Weidner
David Johnson
William Johnson
Hilary Johnston
Karen Jolley
Brianna Jonak
Carol Jones
Karen Jones
Sandra Jones
Terry Jones St. Pierre
Dan Jordinelli
Maxima Kahn
Lisa Kamphuis
Gisela Kaupp
Susanna Kearney
Priscilla Keeney
Derenda Keller
Jai Keller
Frances Elizabeth Kelly
Richard & Linda Kelly
Kelly Kelsey
Steve Kemble
Alan Kerner
Amanda Kerner
Tim & Rita Kesler
Annie King
Jillian Kirchmann
Lenna Kitterman
Carol Klein
Martha Klein Grant
Benita Kline
Sterling & Maggie Klippel
Sally Koczy
Charlotte Koons
Alissa Koritsoglou
Carolyn Kraft
Ben & Bridget Kramer
Bruce & Marci Kramer
Lesli Kramer
Cheryl Krisko
Susan Labandibar
Bonnie LaBuda
Tresa Laferty
Tamara Lampard
Paul Lane
Ellie Lanphier
Deborah LaPointe & Michael Mark
Bruce Larion
Norma H. Latino
Beatrice Laufer
Judith Blaine Leaf
Charle League
Melody LeBaron & Edward Grove
Carla Leftwich
Michael Leger
Martin Leighton & Candice Cantalupo
Colin Lenhart
Dawn & Reid Lesneski
Liberty Lincoln
Liz Lipski
Hal Litoff
William & Virginia Locke
Sandra Lockhart
Richard & Robin Lockwood
Tom & Tanya Lodge
Ilona Love
Mary Luddy
Betsy Ludwig Abdallah
Erika & Ezekiel Lunder
Eleonora Aleya Lupyan
Lynn Maas
Katharine MacAlister
Elizabeth MacDonald
Thayer Maclay
Lars Volck Madsen
James Magaw
Gayle Mair
Allistair Mallillin
Judith Mann
Stacey Marhafer
Milton Markewitz
Doris Marlin
Annie & Vinny Marra
Kathy Marshall
Melinda Martin
Patricia Martin
Laura Martin Del Campo
Erica Mascorro
Dr. Dona Matthews
Boni Matwychuk
Mariani & Herbert May
Betty McAfee
David McAllen
Serene McCabe
Melanie Anne McCloud
Katheryn McCue
Margaret McGovern
Claudia McKenzie
Kathleen McKeough
Catherine McLaughlin-Hills & David Hills
David & Danna McLintock
Elizabeth McNair
Laura McNeilly
Annette McQueen
Mary Jane Meadows
Myra Melford
Roger & Reyna Menadue
Nicola Mendenhall
Jessica Merrill
Carol Merritt
Madeline Merritt
Margaret Merritt
Jonathan Merritt & Jennifer Means
Terrence Messerman
Lawrence Messerman & Jessica De la O
Karen Milgate
Jody Miller
John Miller
Laurie Miller
Aspen Mirabal
Carolyn Mitchell
Michal Mitchell
Leslie Monsalve-Jones
Megan Montero
Katharine Moody
Sherry Morgan
Madeleine Morris
Shaun Morris
Neva & Daniel Morrison
Margo Moser
Christine Moses
Paul Moss
Stephanie Mottola
Elizabeth Mount
Gudrun Mouw
Lydia Mueller
Margaret Mueller
John & Laurie Muir
Sophie Muir
Nancy Napier
Katherine Naslas
Rich Neel
Lauren Nelson
Robert J. Nelson
Lisa Nicholson
Paul Nick
Barbara Nill
Nanette Niski
Paul Nolan
Franco Noriega
Claire Norris
Rob Norris
Robert Norris
Dagmara P Nunn
Terri Nuss
Bette O’Connor
John O’Donnell
Isha Obin
Anthony & Angela Ocone
Christine G OFlaherty
Joyce & John Ohrvall
Francis & Sabrina Parisette-Herzog
Sam Parisette-Herzog
Andrea Parker
Sarah Parkinson
Kanan Patel
Angi Patton
Debra Patton-Davis
Sophie Paulin
Catherine Pawasarat
Janice & Mack Pearsall
John Pecaric
Adrilia & Ken Pedersen
Donna Peifer
Citlalli Peña
Laurie Perla
Leize & David Perlmutter
Julie Permut
Catherine Peterffy
Autumn Peterson
Jeraldine Peterson-Mark
Karen Pierce
Victoria Pilkington
Charles Pollard
Terry Pollock
Anna Pope
Chris Poptis
Elyse Portal
Jaeynka Postupack
Rebekah Powell
Linda Powers
Paris Preston
Katherine M Price
Janet Prince
Molly Quarrier
Ronal Quillo
Maria Quintana
Bonnie Jo Radasch
Dawn Rafferty
Gearóid Rafferty
Kat & Daniel Ralston
Madeline Ramer
Maria Ramos & Steve Collard
Ronyah Ray
Karla Refoxo
Jana Reishus
Alan Reynolds
Ian & Marie Rice
Tarcila Rivera Zea
Philip & Zoe Roberts
Mary Beth & Rick Robinson
Nichole Rogers
Robin Rogers
Heidi Romrell
Cary Root
Katharine Rossi
Joanne Rothstein
Darlene & Thomas Roudebush
Laura Rubio Diaz Leal
Frederick A Ruoff
Gary Ruppert
Frances Russell
Werner Saelens & An DuPont
Sharon Salter
Valerie Salter
Nathalie Samanon
Lisa Sanchez
Sandra Sandoval
Barbara Sargent
Shelly Sawada
Michele Scher
Gary Schimmelpfenig
Adele Schmalenberger
Bruny Schoener
Dorothy Schwartz
Jessica Schwarz
Gabriele Sellars
Theresa Sellers
Catherine Shane
David Sharp
Susan Gail & Fred Shatsky
Rachael Shea
Prema & Scott Sheerin
Courtney & Marshall Shellburne
Bruce & Sue Sherriff
Anne Silver
Minda Simmons
Nina Simons
Christina M. Sinatra
Stephen Skinner
Susan Skinner
Jason Smereka
Annie & Red Smith
Laurie Smith
Raven Smith
David Soule
Sunny Speidel
Donat Sperling
Brian Spielmann
Shivani Laura St George
Philip Stadelman
Julie Stafford
Catherine Stallworth
Justin & Lexi Starting
Christine Staub
Dusty Staub
Wendie Stauffer
Mark & Sally Stebbins
Carol Parker Stein
Michael Stephens
Maria Concepcion Steta Gandara
Dan & Ella Stewart
Steven Stewart
Amanda Stinson
Andrew Stoddard
John Stokes
Stephen Daniel Stokes
Lynn Renee Stoops
Phyllis Strauss
JoAn Street
Susan Striepling
Raymond Strouble
Mary Summitt
William Sutton
Phyllis Swackhamer & Stephen Lyons
Robert & Rita Swanson
Franzi Talley
Suzanne Tannehill
Constance Teague
Nancy Terrill & Eduardo Deneke
Joanne Thomas
Andrea Thomsen
Andi Tilmann
Prudence Tippins
Patrick Toomay
Lindsay Toub
Mariana & Benjamin Tupper
Paul Turner
Marjorie Tursak
Marsha Tuttle
Patricia Tyson
Jared Underwood
Andrew Vadnais
Melissa van der Schyff
Deborah Van Wagner
Ellen VandeVisse
Lianna & Bruno Vargas
Jason Varney
Olivier Varrin
Joy Vaughan
Donna Veeneman
Jaime Velez Patino & Lourdes Alvarez Klein
Dr. Michael Verrilli
Michael Vertolli
Dia Vickery
Daniele Viliunas
Kristi Villines
Renata Villoro
Mary C Vivona
Natalia Vizcarra
Eliza Volk
Lori Von Colln
Lynne Wachowski
Sally Wagoner
Joan Walden
K.A. Waleryzak
Robert Walker
Joan Wallace
Don & Catherine Wanschura
Tayria Ward
Dolly Warden
Krzysztof Wasilewski
Alison Wearing
Johanna Wearsch
Hillary Webb
Randy & Karen Weidner
Edward Weise
Jeff Wells
Kristie Wells
Elizabeth Welnar
Sharon Wertheimer
Cheryl White
Katherine White
Lynton Dove White
Michael White
Kathy Whitt
Katherine Wieseman
Dave H. Wiley
David C. Wiley
Clem & Joanne Wilkes
Elizabeth Willett
Douglas & Hillary Willhite
Michael C. Williams
Barry Williams & Renata Ritzman
Mary Willis
Ron Wilson
Woody Winfree
Laura Winget
Charles Wininger
K.J. Winslow & Family
Kathryn Wittenberg
Cathie Witty
Amy Wolf
Morten Wolf Storeide
Linda Wolff
Jane Wollack
Friederike and Robert Wood
Brian Worley
Nathalie Worthington
Abigail Wright
Debra Wright
Zita Xavier
Bob & Linda Yerby
Betty Young
Denise Zabinski
Gail Zeserman
Janet Zibell
Anne B Zill

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