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Beautiful Running

In a competitive world, it is the winners who lose. An excerpt from a soon-to-be published new work.
By Martin Prechtel

The Song of the House of the World
The modern quest for permanence and immortality creates profound disconnection, but our sacred songs can repair the fragmentation.
By Martin Prechtel

Awakening to Anima
The spirited winds of change and transformation have been blowing for hundreds of thousands of years.
By Jesse Hardin

Starting from Center- The Wisdom of the Ojibwe Medicine Wheel
To keep our internal fires burning, we walk the way of the ancestors, a path with no beginning and no end.
By Lillian Pitawanakwat

Holistic Knowledge from Perennial Wisdom
Aboriginal traditional knowledge lives in stories shared around the fire. How can we access an oral tradition in an urban world?
By Sharon Brown

In Service to the Deities
One poet, one psychotherapist, one dialog about trauma, healing and the extraordinary value of experience.
By Chellis Glendinning and Jesus Sepulveda

Cedar Tree Woman and the Grandmother Rock
A story of journey and sacrifice and discovery, of the offered and the offering and the truest gift.
By Esther White Duck Crawford

Editor’s Note

Awakening the Indigenous Heart in Everyone

Publisher’s Note
Waking from Amnesia in New Mexico

Flares from Our Readers
Apology + Spirituality: A Mask for Selfishness?

Unintended Consequences
Fertilizing for Famine + Free Market Free Fall

Reviving Right Relationship
By 2012, A Mayan Priest’s Address + A Model Community + We’re All in This Together + Alaskan Gold

Changing the World: A Vision of Circleway + Horseboy

Fire Starters

Putting Stock in Ancestral Spiritual Technology
by Evelyn Arce and Cynthia Frisch

Dreams of the Holy
Light as the Holy, the Holy as Light
by Barry Williams

Divine Nourishment
The Essential Healing
by Mary Lane

Out of the Frying Pan
Feeling Lost?
by Larry Messerman

Logs for the Fire
Community Is Messy
by Chris Schlake

Final Flicker
by Chrism

Stumbling through Paradise

by Marvyn Morrison

by Hydeh Aubo

Mocking Bird + Amazon Grace
by Art Campbell

by Eve Waters

The Google Billionaire
The Place of Initiation
Tai Chi with the Albatross


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