The Lost People + Naked Forest + My Song of Place + Born to the Medicine + Finding the Path of Ancestral Wisdom + Who Sang You Awake, Father Sun? + The Lightness of Letting Go + Gathering Seeds + My Tio Louis + Remembering Connection + Raspberries + Stacking Wood + Reconnecting with the Earth

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The Lost People
Imagine your language lost, your ancestral wisdom eradicated and your sacred places destroyed. Imagine the sense of disconnection, the utter insanity. Now, look in the mirror.
by Thom Hartmann

Naked Forest
What do we perceive and what is really there?
by Shaun Lynch

My Song of Place
Returning from a paved and frantic world, a woman finds her home in the forest by the river, in the plants and animals, stone and soil.
by Sharon Cohen

Born to the Medicine
Widow of a Chumash Medicine Man and keeper of his medicine, Eneke-Alish struggles with the paradox of being a white woman infused with Native Wisdom.
by Sharon Brown

Finding the Path of Ancestral Wisdom
Native wisdom and Western medicine, a personal story of re-connection.
by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Who Sang You Awake, Father Sun?
The sun will shine whether we pay attention or not. Or will it?
by Jonathan Merritt

The Lightness of Letting Go
Too often, our identities are attached to the things we have or what we’ve achieved. But what happens when we consciously let go of everything?
by Brandon Bays

Gathering Seeds
Spared from the mower’s blade and allowed to go to seed, a hayfield grows rich in spirit and medicinal herbs.
by Richo Cech

My Tio Louis
He could make the chairs dance.
by Mark Matos

Remembering Connection
Gratitude. It’s so simple.
by Sherry Morgan

by Nora Harms

Stacking Wood
by Louise Berliner


One Fish Blue Fish
Animals and Disease

Reconnecting with the Earth
Land and Trust:
Preserving the land is a spiritual practice.
by Douglas Stevenson

Divine Nourishment
The Owl and the Crows
Who’s food for whom?
by Mary Lane

Getting Right with Money
The Magic of Money
Creating abundance, letting Earth energy in.
by Mark Blessington


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