Bighorn Spirit + Manhattan Morning + Time and Patience + Message from the Mall + The Universe Knows a Smart Aleck + The Tao That Can Be Spoken Interview with Ken Cohen + Animals in Wartime + My Song Home + A Shamanic Refl ection on Water + Learning Dirt + Facing Death, Embracing Life + Canadian Summer + Expanding the Sahara + Growing Down + Sacred Doorways + You Are Not Invited + What is an Offering? + Spring Fever + Traffic + Snake Search + Green, Wild Green + The Land of Exaggerated Fire

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Bighorn Spirit

There may be hidden reasons behind the sudden decline of one of the great keystone species of the American west. And their loss may cost more than we can calculate.
by William S. Evans

Manhattan Morning
Sunday in Manhattan gives a sudden glimpse of urban pleasures
by Louise Berliner

Time and Patience
A Westerner’s attempts to keep to the clock are frustrated by the natural flow of time in Tanzania. Message from the Mall by Cassia Berman Though the woods are gone and the stream is buried beneath concrete, there are still voices laughing in the wind.
by Svagita Elks

The Universe Knows a Smart Aleck
Spinning the prayer wheel isn’t all about peace and light
by Gina Knudson

The Tao That Can Be Spoken: Interview with Ken Cohen by
Could it be that we are losing ground in the process of evolution? Initiated in spiritual traditions from Africa, and Asia, this master teacher speaks about how our connection to the environment spurs our natural growth.
by Yael Grauer

Animals in Wartime
Orphaned in a refugee camp, a boy yearns for family.
by Matiop Wal

My Song Home
When a person suffers grief that is greater than her experience, where does it come from and how can she come to terms with it?
by Karen Smith Fernandez

A shamanic healing: A Shamanic Reflection on Water
Water conquers by yielding and fl ows around obstacles. It offers the possibility of healing, of cleansing and blessing. By reclaiming our spiritual relationship with the essential nature of water, we may find solutions to our current ecological, political and economic crises.
by Malidoma Somé

Learning Dirt
When a citified computer engineer takes on a small farm in Oregon, he gets a lot more than his hands dirty.
by Dr. James S. Reiley

Facing Death, Embracing Life
A reoccurrence of cancer causes a woman to discover her community and the healing power of reaching out.
by Robin Chalfin

Canadian Summer
by Dorianne Laux

Expanding the Sahara
by Frederick Gachanja Njoroge

Growing Down
by Lisa Nash

Sacred Doorways
by Kirk Lamont Stephens

You Are Not Invited
What is an Offering?
Spring Fever Traffic

Snake Search
With his foot raised above a small reptilian coil, a ranger asks who is really endangered.
by Fred Venturini

Green, Wild Green
Spring cleaning and summer energizing, the greens are growing everywhere.
by Mary Lane

The Land of Exaggerated Fire: What happens when we can’t control the fire of spending?
by Mark Blessington


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