Winter into Spring + Divine Nourishment: Eat When Hungry, Sleep When Tired + Smoke & Fears + Wisdom of Winter: Light of Fire + Take Off Your Shoes + Transformation by Fire + Sitting with Evening Primrose + Chiaroscuro: skepticism and praye + My Knitting Nana + A Steelhead Comes into Your Life + Rock Towers + Apples of the Earth + Getting Right with Money + Thinning Yields Life’s Choicest Fruits + Reconnecting with the Earth: On Crocuses

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Editor’s Note

Winter into Spring

Divine Nourishment
by Mary Lane

Eat When Hungry, Sleep When Tired
by Marian Kaplun Shapiro

Smoke & Fears
a look at a powerful and sacred plant spirit
by Larry Messerman

Wisdom of Winter: Light of Fire
a vigil by the fire
by Andrew Cox

Take Off Your Shoes
journey into solitude
by Shanti E. Bannwart

Transformation by Fire
an interview with a shaman in the Huichol tradition
by Annie King

Sitting with Evening Primrose
by Lori Von Colln

skepticism and prayer
by Jennifer Means

My Knitting Nana
a yarn through the generations
by Joan Spear

Love Beyond Words: an “A Ha!” moment
by Carla Leftwich

A Steelhead Comes into Your Life
man meets fish, fish meets man
by T.E. Merritt

Rock Towers
connecting with the land
by Louella Bryant

Apples of the Earth
reflections on a favorite food
by Joan Lehmann

Getting Right with Money
got wood?
by Mark Blessington

Thinning Yields Life’s Choicest Fruits
yankee thrift
by Phyllis Edgerly

Reconnecting with the Earth
strutting peacocks and spiritual warriors
by Lyvea Rose Curetaine

On Crocuses
by Stephanie Thomas Berry


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