Starhawk’s Spiritual Activism + Can Melama Save the World? + Don Oscar Miro-Quesada + Mysteries of African Shamanism + Jesse Wolf Hardin + Slow Going for Fast Times + The Light of the Sabbat + Sufi Master Ustad Nizami

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The Grieving Cairn
by Jesse Wolf Hardin
What’s a troublemaker? A juvenile delinquent or an emotional burden asking to be left behind?

The Academic and the Adept: A Mother’s Tale
by Bonnie Gass-Coffin
How can a heart that beats with suffering be transformed? An anthropologist finds her path of wisdom with Peruvian shaman Don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

We Are Sacred As the Earth
by Marilyn Berta
How can we live skillfully with the natural world? And with each other? Sacred Fire interviews the irrepressible author and earth activist Starhawk.

From Survival to Reverence
by Stephen P. Huyler
Ceremony, ritual dance, traditional story and deep introspection awaken power brokers of the sustainability movement to malama, the Hawaiian worldview where everything matters.

Opening the Third Eye: Mysteries of African Shamanism
by Geral Blanchard
Disarmed by the graciousness of a Shona shaman deep in the heart of Zimbabwe, a psychotherapist experiences the spider web that interweaves all spirits.

Trends / Slow Motions
Slow Planet
Not Doing Much
Slow that Train
Slow Thinker
No Time! No Peace!

Sacred Activism

Drumming the World Together

Community Connections

Road Scholars

Healing Arts

Flowers of the Heart—Sufi master musician Ustad Nizami

Sacred Fires

The Light of the Sabbath

Reconnecting With the Earth
The One I Did Not Smash
by Amaris Ketcham

Out of the Frying Pan
Apocalypse How?
by Larry Messerman

Logs for the Fire
Even the Divine
Ones Cannot Fathom


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