What The World Needs Now + Tom Goldtooth + Spiritual Warfare + 13 Grandmothers + Future Primitive + Bioneers + Leslie Marmon Silko + Nina Simons + 5 Pieces of Heart + Everyone’s Indigenous + Grieving Thunderstorms + Swami Beyondanda + Ann Rosencranz + more

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Third Way Leadership
By Nina Simons
To reach integration and interdependence the founder of Bioneers encourages us to abandon the win/lose paradigm.

Generous Spirit
By Marilyn Berta
In this interview Leslie Marmon Silko weaves stories of her life, vision and the land she shares with the Tucson Mountain rattlesnakes.

Everyone’s Indigenous
By Sharon Brown
An interview with environmental activist Tom Goldtooth explores tribal genetic memory, manipulation of the sacred and the truth of all peoples’ connection with the land.

Achieving a Place of Heart
By Kathy Dancing Heart
When we trust one another connections between youth and elders occur in a place we’ve almost abandoned.

Encounters with Heart
By Jonathan Merritt
Each of us lives a life of moments, fragments of memory and emotion that relate one to another, to nature and to Divine.

The Lite Site
By Swami Beyondananda
State of the Universe

Light and Shadow
By Rob Preece
Pursuing the Awakening Warrior

Matters of Death in Life
By Prema Sheerin
Thunderstorm of Grief

Logs for the Fire
By Ann Rosencranz
At the Hearth of My Heart

Final Flicker
By Maria Alice Campos-Freire
You Cannot Kill Life


What the Old One is Thinking
By Geneen Marie Haugen


Editor’s Note
What We Call Heart

Publisher’s Note
Mind, Meet Heart

Flint and Tinder
The Transition Movement
Cycling Towards Peace
Speaking Truth to Beauty
Woken with a Wooden Spoon
Maybe Not Headed to Hell
Mining the Sacred

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