Cultivating the Sacred + Larry Littlebird + Francis Weller + Ripped from the Primal Matrix + Dancing with the Wisdom Keepers + Yogi from Muskogee + Swami Beyondananda + Hard Core Zen + How to Feed a Fetish + Alaskan Microcosm + Healing Hurt People + Making the Past the Present + Unveiling the Law of Subtraction!

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HAMAATSA: The Earth Beneath Your Finger

A Laguna Pueblo storyteller realized his stories belong to the land and set out to establish a place where they could be held. After much work and with the help of many others he established Hamaatsa, a place where stories come alive for people of all cultures. of many cultures to use their voices to reconnect with the world.
by Larry Littlebird

Reclaiming Our Indigenous Soul
Humans are born to live in connection with the wild world. But in a culture that separates us from that aliveness, how do we reconnect with that essential part of our soul? The writer—a community builder, teacher and depth psychologist—speaks of our longing and shows a way to recover from our loss.
By Francis Weller

The Healing of Hollow Water
Recognizing that the Canadian legal system offers no real solution to the scourge of sexual abuse, the Ojibwa of Hollow Water work to heal their community by renewing their traditions. Sitting in sacred circles, using ritual to open the depths of the wounds, the community provides healing for the abuser as well the abused.
By Geral Blanchard

Making the Past the Present
An interview with Maori Whaea Raina Ferris Called at an early age to make the traditional Maori karanga, the women’s singing invitation to the welcoming ceremonies, Raina Ferris talks about the sacredness of the voice and teaches women of many cultures to use their voices to reconnect with the world.
By Sharon Brown

The Light Site

The Yogi from Muskogee
by Swami Beyondananda

Out of the Frying Pan
The Law of Subtraction
by Larry Messerman

Logs for the Fire
Dancing with the Wisdom Keepers
by Jennifer Means

Dreams of the Holy
Dreaming with Trout
by Barry Williams with Renata R


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