What Disasters Tell Us + Interview: Kent Nerburn + Taking on Monsanto + Following Shamanic Guidance + Jon Turk and the Raven God + Indigenous Innovation + Avatar’s Game-Changing Activisim + Amazon Conservation Team + Eda Zavala + Ceremonial Healing + Mother Nature on the Line

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This is Not a Fairy Tale

The world is speaking to us in loud voices. Are we willing to listen?
By Jonathan Merritt

The Agreement
How quiet must we get to hear the stories told by trees.
By Jaki Daniels

It’s Not a Calling. It’s In My Blood.
When her preparations and expectations prove inconsequential, the author discovers what it means to sit in the presence of a curandera.
By Deena Wade

Lost Land, Lost Identity
Denied the opportunity to speak at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Eda Zavala pours out her heart in ceremony.
By J. H. Baker

Gathering the Shamans to Save the Land
An interview with Liliana Madrigal reveals how the Amazon Conservation Team achieved success by abandoning conventional land protection practices and following the guidance of shamans.
By Cynthia Frisch

The Maya Versus Monsanto
When GMO corn is poured into the land of the Maya, the People of the Corn, it threatens their heritage and their existence as a people.
By Maria Owl Gutierrez

Issues of Ultimate Concern: A Conversation with Kent Nerburn
The author of several works featuring Indian wisdom has a heart tempered by 60 years of non-existence, an auditor of others’ experiences.
By Sharon Brown

Getting Good Wood
In the camaraderie of work a man opens up and speaks of things he would never share with a stranger.
By Kent Nerburn

Talking With the Earth
Things break on the tundra. But when a pelvis breaks, where does a person go for healing?
By Jon Turk

Matters of Death in Life
The Ways We Die
By Prema Sheerin

Logs for the Fire
A Rite or a Ride
By Chris Schlake

Reconnecting with the Earth
Let Mosquitos Bite
By Rina Burleson

Light and Shadow
In the Shadow of Goodness
By Rob Preece

Final Flicker
Gulf Coast Oil Spill – Sioux Prayer Request
By Chief Arvol Looking Horse

The Heart

By Maxima Kahn

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Acts of God

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