Seven Sacred Stories + Eliot Cowan + Kinship: A Matter of Life and Death + Interview with a Lone Leopard + Clifford Duncan + Healing 500 Years of Oppression + The Necessity of Ego + Woody Morrison’s Canoe Wisdom + Dam-Nation + Laugh Your Way Home

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The Lone Leopard
An Interview with John Lockley, Xhosa Sangoma
Years of dreams and unexplained illness lead a white South African to his calling as a traditional healer.
By Jeff Baker

The Huichol and the Sacred Land
Living in good relationship with the world is not just a noble sentiment; it’s a matter of life and death.
By Eliot Cowan

The Visionary: The Sacred Art of Cristobal Gonzalez
With vivid colors and precise lines, the Huichol artist brings to life the stories of his people and the visions of his dreams.
By Rosette Royale

Forgiving Columbus
When wounds to our bodies and psyches correspond to wounds in our cultures and in nature herself, how can a 500 years of oppression be healed?
By Deanna Jenné


In the busyness of modern life, is it even possible to sit still for four hours?
By Zan Jarvis

Laugh Your Way Home
By Mokasiya

Earth Song
By Katharine Dancing Heart Gregg

Out of the Frying Pan
The Dammed
By Larry Messerman

Light and Shadow
Ego: Friend or Foe

By Rob Preece

Dreams of the Holy: Whale Dreaming
By Barry Williams and Renata Ritzman

Logs for the Fire
The Oarlock
By Kawan Sangaa “Woody” Morrison

Final Flicker
Weaving Kin
By Kim Stafford

Publisher’s Note
Mysterious Evidence

Flares from Our Readers
A Little Help for Our Friends + Delicious Frosting + Your Liberal Agenda + Grabbing with Gusto

Our Contributors

Editor’s Note
The Universal Drumming

Flint and Tinder
The Drowning Island
The Crows at the Ashram
Not Just Howling at the Moon
The Wolf at Twilight by Kent Nerburn
Born into the Chaos of Change
Children of the Amazon, A Film by Denise Zmekhol


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