9 Wisdom Keepers + Interspiritual Conference + Tatewari + Grandfather Fire + The Poetics of Place + Erick Gonzalez + Lessons for 2012 + What is Our Future + Greed + Manitonquat + Medicine Woman + The Seventh Prophecy + Robert Moss + Indigeous Struggles + Teztan Biny + Redwood Speech + Cynthia Frisch + Sharks + How to Hear the World + MORE

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Redwood Speech, Watershed Prayers: The Poetics of Place

When we give time to a place and open our senses to its speaking, our bond with the world becomes sacramental.
By Francis Weller

Lessons for the People of the Corn
An Interview with OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez
Can we prepare ourselves so that the transformation of 2012 is a time of celebration instead of lamentation?
By Sharon Brown

To Save the Sacred Waters: The Teztan Biny Story
An open pit mine is a tool of genocide when it destroys a lake which is the heart of a land and of its people.
By Emilio Laurier Williams Portal
with video images and interviews by Susan Smitten and David Springblatt

We are born with no sense of private ownership,yet greed is the basis for all oppression and injustice.
By Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

Healing the Torn World
Lessons from Tatewari, the God of Fire
In this time of disconnection and desperation, Grandfather Fire arrives to bring guidance to all people.

If All the World Could Hear
Nine Wisdom Keepers from Indigenous traditions answer the question, “What would you say?”

The Realms of Coincidence
What is usually dismissed as “coincidence” is actually evidence of the intricacy of the web of being.
By Robert Moss

Logs for the Fire

Mud and Mercy
By Dianna Vagianos Miller

Reconnecting with the Earth
The Wonder of Living in the Heart
By Rina Burleson

A Confluence of Rivers
By Cynthia Frisch

Final Flicker
The Seventh Prophecy
By Edward Benton-Banai


By rm mist

By Hydeh Aubon

Little Bug Kneels Down
By Marianna S. Tupper

Flares from our Readers
Dear Sacred Fire +
How Messy Is Community?

Editor’s Note
Listening to the Song of the Earth

Unintended Consequences
If Only This Were a Fish Tale

Reviving Right Relationship
Vallecitos: A Sanctuary for Activists

Burning Books
I’m a Medicine Woman Too by Jesse Wolf Hardin
Reviewed by Adrienne Kant


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