Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigación y Desarrollo Alternativo U Yich Lu'um, Asociación Civil (CEIIDAC)
Yucatan, Mexico
12 months

“Before I was not proud of my surnames; people mocked me. But now, because of these workshops and activities on Mayan identity, I understand that my name is important because the Mayans have history. It is also good to learn about the Mayan gods, because the town no longer believes in them or respects the mountains, so we must learn from our history and the meaning of our culture. If it dies out, what will happen to the children? They won’t be able to learn anything from the Mayans anymore. I’ve been participating in the activities of U Yich Lu’um since I was 15 and I am stronger now, and I have learned many things that school does not teach you. I feel good here.”

—Diana Laura Chuc Ek, 18 years old

This important project aims to rescue and revalue language and ancestral wisdom for the local Mayan children, youth, as well as for the entire community of Sanahcat in Yucatán, Mexico.

Through sacred ceremonies, workshops on Mayan identity and language, the creation of a Mayan sowing calendar, selection of native seeds, and workshops on all aspects of traditional and agro-ecological Mayan agriculture (fertilization, irrigation, cultivation, harvesting), young people and children are learning and revitalizing their ancestral traditions through direct experience. This project culminates in a ceremony of activities, including a photography and video exhibit of the entire work cycle.

The long-term vision of this project is the creation of an educational space for the rescue and honoring of traditional agriculture and Mayan spirituality.


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