Tribes and Nature Defenders Inc
June - December 2017

“We know that young people nowadays prefer to adopt the outside views and gradually forget their identity. The project is the blood to circulate in their lives to continue their mission as tradition bearers. The elders will be passing by and the need to continue is here.”

This project will share and teach Higa-onon youth their cultural beliefs and wisdom.  It is the destiny of the Higa-onon youth to become the knowledge keepers and pass this wisdom on to future Higa-onon youth. It is an intergenerational project that will teach youth their sacred rituals and chanting.

The project will benefit 90 Higa-onon tribal young people aged from 12-20 years old. Representatives from the Higa-onon will be comprised of the 10 clans from Barangay Rogongon who are struggling for their identity and cultural survival.

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