Native American Advocacy Program (NAAP)
Rosebud Indian Reservation, East Todd, SD, USA
Focus Areas

“NAAP’s vision is to have a safe, family oriented community that nurtures Lakota Life, with respect of self and others, by living healthy lifestyles that promote the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of the Nation. Our youth have a quality life and grow to become well rounded, educated, competent, balanced, healthy Lakota speakers who have an identity and sense of place/belonging to their community and demonstrate how to be a good relative, harmonious with their natural environment, knowing the value of wolakota (the Lakota way of life).”

Located on reservations in South Dakota, the Lakota people started the Native American Advocacy Program (NAAP). This program works with youth to help them understand their identity as well as helping Native Americans with disabilities to gain a more independent lifestyle. NAAP’s mission is to reclaim the Lakota language and culture through education.

The Sacred Fire Foundation has the pleasure of funding one of their many programs, the Sunka Wakan Otakuye (“kindship with horses”) Equine Camp at the Rosebud Sioux Reservation. This camp provides Lakota youth with the opportunity to learn the language, embrace their culture and spirituality, and gain basic horsemanship skills.

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