Wanbdiska Oyate Inc.
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, Manitoba, Canada
August 2017

“Call out to the Spirits of missing and murdered women to dance with you. In doing so, their families will find peace, a knowing of where their loved one is and the Spirits of the Stolen Sisters will take their rightful Sacred Place.”

Families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls are able to find peace, finally.

Women dance for four days, while fasting from food and water, to bring forth a great outpouring of the healing medicine of Love. The Spirits of our missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls are honored. Family members are invited to join along, so they finally find peace, with all who want to unite for healing and harmony. The Ceremony takes place on on private land 1 hour south of Winnipeg. They dance for four days, each year, for four years (2017 – 2020).

The ceremony takes place on the land with dancers sleeping in tipis on site. The ceremony begins early in the morning with dancing into the night.

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