Wanbdiska Oyate Inc.
Winnipeg, Canada
July 2019 - February 2020
Focus Areas

The Sundance of Women is a sacred ceremony that brings together all Nations to honor Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and their loved ones. 

The Sundance builds connections between Nations and fosters a deeper understanding of ceremony and the meaning of All My Relations through a sacred on-the-land cooperative experience.

Women who have made a pledge will dance and fast from food and water for four days of ceremonial observance that includes the creation of a sacred space and symbolic representation of all creation. 

In addition to the women dancers, several hundred other men and women will participate as volunteers, firekeepers, cooks, security personnel, traditional healers and knowledge keepers, and sacred grandmothers. Countless others around the globe will also join in prayer.

The benefits from this ceremony extend to all of society. The healing of traumas that are the result of colonization and government policies that perpetuate institutional discrimination are a necessary part of reconciliation and apply to all Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of the World. 

The vision of this project is the creation of ever-widening circles of mutual love, support, healing and caring within a growing community of people connected to one another and Mother Earth. Coming together in the sacredness of the Teachings, motivated by love for one another and all Creation, people learn in a sacred way how to care for each other, support each other and love Mother Earth deeply. 

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