Associação das Mulheres Munduruku Wakoborun
Jacareacanga, Brazil
July 2019 - June 2020

“We, the Munduruku and guardians of the Amazon, know how to take care of our territory and our waters. We only know how to do so under the guidance of our shamans. If they are not able to speak to our spirits and our ancestors, then our world cannot function. Now more than ever, the world cannot turn a blind eye to the Amazon, whose peoples, forests, and animals sustain the whole world.”

The Association of Munduruku Wakoborun Women want to help their shamans visit the funerary urns that were taken from them by the construction of the São Manoel and the Teles Pires dams. The women have been called by their ancestors, who are demanding that their shamans return to Karobixexe, the destroyed sacred site on the Sete Quedas waterfall, where the spirits rest after death and where the mother of fish and game lives. 

Since the construction of the dams, the Munduruku are no longer able to catch healthy fish and are becoming sick. This project will facilitate meetings with shamans who will discuss what can be done to restore cosmological balance. These meetings and visits will be recorded and documented by Munduruku youth, who will share this wisdom within their people and schools to strengthen their knowledge of the sacred world.

Following these meetings, the shamans will visit the funerary urns and perform rituals to feel the ancestral spirits and the mothers of game and fish.  Their communication with the spirits will also guide the community in their continued resistance and commitment to Munduruku survival. 


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