Asociacion Pujula Liga de Comunidades Maya IAP
Yucatán, México
July – December 2017

“To be able to continue with the Mayan culture, we face many difficulties. Whatever we can rescue, is through our children.  Anyone benefits by speaking Maya. If you speak in Maya then you can teach Maya”.

— Lola Yam Cocom (Grandmother of program participant)

The initiative aims at the continuity and recovery of the Mayan culture through teachings of the ceremonies and rituals from the Elder’s knowledge, practicing the Mayan language, traditional medicine and other activities. This will benefit 50 children from communities near urban centers of the municipalities of Kaua, Chankom and Tinum in the Yucatán. The workshops are bilingual, held in Mayan and Spanish.

Sowing Futures

Watch a slideshow of the children and the activities that are reconnecting them to their culture.


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