Asociación Centro Indígena para el Desarrollo Sostenible - CINDES
Pucallpa, Perú
July 2019 - April 2020

Sacred original Shipibo names bear the mark of ancestors and history. To carry an original Shipibo name means to have roots in the names of the forest, animals and other beings central to the Shipibo worldview. It offers internal resources and vision, as well as the respect of the community.

In addition to providing information about original names and workshops to help people reclaim original Shipibo names, this project seeks to include these names in the national state registry of Peru. The challenge lies in the resistance within Peruvian law of the national registry of Indigenous names, but this project will include the submission of a proposal to change the state system.

The number of people directly benefitting by this project will be approximately 100 children under the age of 5, who will receive original names, and eventually the wider Shipibo population, which is 25,000.

“Pedro” is six years old. His Shipibo name, “Pekon mana,” means “hill sword.” Pekon mana says that he dreams and lives with his grandparents, receiving advice and guidance that he practices in the early hours of the morning.


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