Amor Guatemala
Cunen, Northern Quiche
July 2020 - March 2021

Amor endeavors to “rebuild Indigenous communities and lives through education and a revival of Indigenous knowledge.” Their partnership with the project SANA Guatemala seeks to bring healthcare support and coronavirus awareness to the community of Cunen in the Northern Quiche department, a war-devastated indigenous area, where only one in 10 children attend school, the majority forced to work from the age of five due to extreme poverty not mitigated by any governmental policies. With access to health information and support through SANA Guatemala, the K’iche’ and Ixil Mayan, in particular, can develop adequate and appropriate protection from any health threats, during this coronavirus crisis and beyond. 


More than 20 years after the Peace Accords were signed in 1996, the Indigenous people of Guatemala still suffer discrimination, human rights abuses, and extreme poverty. Additionally, their healthcare centers lack trained staff and basic medicines, and their ancestral Mayan medicine and healing practices have no substantial footing. The advent of coronavirus has brought additional challenges beyond health concerns. Virus disinformation is prevalent,  the entire country is in lockdown, tourism has collapsed, and all businesses are closed, depriving those without land of the means to feed their families and forcing them to purchase skyrocketing foodstuffs. Amor and SANA Guatemala believe that medicine or vaccines will never reach Indigenous Mayan communities, so it is vital that the people are educated about and protected from the virus, as well as any potential increased  governmental and international corporate oppression in the wake of this global crisis. Mayan healing knowledge has never been more necessary in a world seeking solutions.


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