Earth Island Institute
Washington DC, USA
Focus Areas

“Sacred places rekindle reverence for land and cultural diversity, and connect nature and culture.”

— Toby McLeod, Filmmaker

The Sacred Land Film Project, a project of Earth Island Institute for over 30 years, produces documentary films for public television broadcast and educational community use on ancient wisdom and current threats to Indigenous lands of spiritual and ecological significance. Sacred Land Film Project websites, sacred site reports and teaching curricula extend the educational reach of their films, providing opportunities for viewers, readers and students to connect with the people and stories featured in their films and promote public education, robust debate, cultural preservation and support for Indigenous protected areas.

The Teacher’s Guide for Standing on Sacred Ground film series, a 136 page document filled with photos, maps and graphics is an indispensable tool for educators using the film series in classes. The purpose of this grant was to produce 120 high quality, wirebound paper copies of the Teacher’s Guide and distribute copies to educators in remote areas where the series was filmed.


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