Federación de Nacionalidad Shuar de Pastaza, FENASH-P
Provincia de Pastaza, Ecuador
July 2019 - August 2020

Indigenous people, families and communities in the Province of Pastaza need information, skills and knowledge to be able to exercise their citizen duties and rights, strengthen their identity, and advocate for their culture and the environment.

To this end, this project seeks to provide basic computer equipment for the development of a community radio station that will broadcast in the languages of the Achuar, Shuar and Andwa peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

After renewing their agreement for access to a new radio frequency, the RADIO LA VOZ DE TUNA will develop content and radio education in Shuar, Andwa, Spanish and Kichwa on the following topics: 

* the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

* global warming and adaptation to climate change

* economic globalization and its implications

* the protection of ancestral Shuar lands and sustainable resource management

* the rights of Indigenous women and their economic and political empowerment

* local ecological ventures 

The project will also train a team of young Shuar people in technical radio skills: production, investigative journalism and the maintenance of radio equipment.

There are approximately 7,000 Shuar people and 22,000 Kichwa and Andwa people located in the Pastaza Province, and an approximate total of 40,000 members of these language groups dispersed throughout 57 communities, all of whom will benefit from this project.

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