Cultura de los Indios Mayas A.C.
Yut Osil, Chamula
January 2020 - December 2021

Cultura de los Indios Mayas A.C.’s project seeks to preserve, develop, and disseminate the Mayan culture of the Tseltales and Tsotsiles people through education and consultation. Fundamentally, the recreational training and learning program will give these peoples an opportunity to read and write in their mother tongue, and gain literacy through the application of a teaching-learning methodology that uses its own cultural themes derived from its own worldview at a time when ancestral poverty continues to erode the Mayan identity.

This particular approach to improving the quality of life of the native Mayan and Zoque families of Chiapas will require addressing culture-specific issues that emphasize, for instance, attention to mother earth, respect and protection of the environment, human and social rights, collaborative volunteer work, and oral traditions and ancestral wisdom as resources, as well as the responsible management of how their culture is portrayed in the media and education. The belief is that revitalization of culture can lead to autonomy, justice, and dignity for Indigenous communities and marginalized sectors. In this way, the boys and girls, men and women of the communities will have opportunities to advance with full knowledge of the central paradigm of their Mayan culture in the context of the world, giving them greater clarity when planning for the future.


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