Bunyaruguru Indigenous Peoples Environment Protection Radical Trust
July 2017 - June 2018

“Indigenous villagers have enjoyed and benefited from fresh non-toxic herbs that have healed their acute and chronic ailments for decades”

The Bunyaruguru Indigenous Peoples of Uganda will be re-instating the Endyooka Ceremony.  It is an annual ceremony to ease Endyooka’s anger and to alleviate the prevailing hunger.  Over 30,000 people participate.  The ceremony is to appease the spirits for prosperous hunts and crop harvests, while preserving this ancestral traditional ceremony.

Bunyaruguru is one of the most fertile places in Africa, it has lakes, valleys, mountains and a national park. Indigenous villages have enjoyed this place since time immemorial; unfortunately the government has ignored them and denied health facilitation and hospitals in the area. The Bunyaruguru say the ceremony will help them remain united, share tales and meet every year with long gone sons of Bunyaruguru who have migrated to cities.


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