The Altai Project
Altai Republic, Siberia, Russia
Focus Areas

“The mission of The Altai Project is to protect the natural and cultural heritage of Altai – a uniquely diverse, mountainous region of southern Siberia. Our primary goals include nature conservation, supporting Indigenous organizations in their efforts to restore and protect their traditional lands and lifeways, and promoting renewable energy and sustainable design. Our past successes include: fifteen years of grant-making for Altai grassroots wildlife and cultural conservation, significant reductions in snow leopard and other wildlife poaching, and strengthened and newly created protected wildlife areas. The Altai Project is a project of Earth Island Institute, a non-profit organization network consisting of more than 50 conservation projects worldwide.”

The Altai Republic is located in Siberia contains many small villages of Indigenous people. The Altai Project in partnership with the Tengri School of Spiritual Ecology has asked for funding of an education and camp program for teachers and girls that will take place in the Sacred Karakol Valley at the AruSvaty Center for Traditional Altainian Knowledge. The program is targeted for girls because in ancient Altainian tradition, females were highly valued as the bearer and protector of knowledge and Fire. This aspect of the culture is being lost and these integrated programs based on Fire ceremonies will help gain back the tradition.


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