Corazón de la Amazonía Nii Juinti
Pucalpa, Perú
July 2017 - June 2018

“I am a medicine man. I work in a profound connection with nature and spiritual dimension. I learned how to use plants to heal because my grandparents taught me. I see the new generation likes another kind of knowledge, no one cares about the knowledge of plants. I wanted to found this school as I want to share the knowledge with the kids. Because what happens if I am the knowledge and one day I will pass away?. Where we will guard this knowledge? These children will never forget.”

—Roger López, School Founder

The school “Nii Juinti” is an ongoing after-school program. The mission is to pass on the Shipibo ancestral knowledge and culture to the new generations of Shipibo children to preserve and deepen the old and precious ancestral knowledge of the Shipibo people. One of the main objectives of Nii Juinti is to give the children access to the medicinal knowledge of elders so that this precious art, a real treasure of all mankind, may prosper and grow. The project is not intended to replace the public school, the lessons take place in the afternoon. The school complex is situated in 4 hectares of territory, and has dormitories for the children, living quarters for teachers and a common room where lessons are conducted.


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