Moyo wa Afrika
Arusha, Tanzania
August 2019 - January-2020

This project aims to create connections and understanding between young Maasai women studying in modern education programs and adults from their home villages. These connections will provide the young women who study at Moyo wa Afrika’s Education Centre with a better understanding of Maasai traditions and will help the village leaders recognize that educating young women does not have to result in a loss of culture.  

Village leaders and women will teach the young female students at Moyo wa Afrika’s centre how to do traditional Maasai beading and how to cook several traditional Maasai foods.  The village leaders will engage in discussions with the young women about the importance of Maasai traditions and how to stay connected to these traditions while being educated. The young women will share their feelings about the importance of education in their lives so that a better understanding occurs between all participants.

Tanzania is currently in a stage of economic development and growth that is making education more and more important. Young women are learning about their rights to education, but these rights are not always understood by elders in their communities and are often not granted.  

The main goal of the project, then, is to establish a mutual understanding of the role of education, the importance of traditional culture, and the idea that education does not need to be threatening to the continuance of culture.  

This understanding could open doors for a number of young women to study and improve their lives, as the education of Maasai girls often means delayed marriage and childbearing, empowerment, and the opportunity of financial independence.  


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