Movimiento de Unificación Indígena de Nahuizalco
Nahuizalco, El Salvador
August 2019 - June 2020

The main goals of this project are to empower young people to develop skills and abilities that will improve their self-esteem and sense of Indigenous identity; to make and learn to play traditional musical instruments; to celebrate their culture; and to set an example for other young people.

One of the biggest challenges of the peoples in the Nahuizalco municipality of El Salvador is the loss of culture and identity among young Nahuat Pipil people. Because their lives have been so heavily influenced by modern consumerism  there is now an absence of Indigenous spirituality in their daily lives. Young Nahuat Pipil people have experienced a loss and denial of their own identity and a consequent devaluing of Mother Nature. 

The workshops offered through this project will raise awareness and help to overcome the racism and discrimination these young people have suffered, and continue to suffer, because they are Indigenous. This will, in turn, strengthen families through shared spiritual values ​​and principles, generate harmony, understanding, trust, unity and acceptance.

The first phase of the project will be the purchase of materials to make traditional musical instruments and the development of workshops on Indigenous history and spirituality.  From there, training sessions will be held for the creation of the musical instruments, as well as for the transmission of knowledge and historical memory, spirituality and Indigenous worldview.  The final phase will see the establishment of an organization of Indigenous youth to represent themselves and work for their rights at the municipal level.

Ultimately, this project will revitalize and pass on to future generations the principles, values, and wisdom of the Nahuat Pipil ancestors, in harmony with Mother Nature, for the benefit of all people from the cantons of Guacamaya, El Cerrito, Pushtan and Tajcuilujlan. 

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