Corazón de la Amazonía Nii Juinti
Provincia Coronel Portillo, Region De Ucayali, Perú
August 2015
Focus Areas

“The Nii Juinti initiative arises from the need to give more relevance to the rural context in which the descendants of the Shipibo people have their roots. Every year and with increasing frequency, many young people choose to leave their traditions behind and migrate towards bigger cities, thereby endangering their precious traditions, knowledge and wisdom of the Shipibo culture. The result of the loss of their roots threatens the existence of a millennial knowledge for lack of other opportunities to cultivate traditional practices. The members of the new generations often migrate towards the capital Lima, leaving their home and their land in favour of uncertain life conditions that very often leads to a life of hardship. Besides, this phenomenon of loss and migration feeds the process of urbanization and undermines the formation of ‘grassroots’ development.”

Corazón de la Amazonia Nii Juinti would like to start their own school that would pass on the Shipibo ancestral knowledge and culture. The Shipibo are an ancient group from the Amazon rainforest in Peru. The school will have a focus on the conservation of nature and use of medicinal plants in hopes of training the future curanderos or shamans. Not only will they be teaching future generations, but also serving children who are need by providing housing, food, and clothing.


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