American Indian Institute
Tule River Reservation, California, USA
July 2013
Focus Areas

The 36th annual International Elders & Youth Council constitutes the continuation of an ancient practice of joint council among the most respected traditional Indian elders and spiritual leaders from across North America. It is one of the few times each year when such an extensive assemblage of grassroots Indian elders gathers together in a spiritual body to strengthen traditional values, to consider from the spiritual perspective issues involving and effecting Indigenous people and the major objective of each Council is the education of young people.

The young people learn the sacred traditions from elders through repetition: they learn about respect and leadership from Six Nations elders; about prophesies and worldviews from Hopi elders; about love and healing from Tewa elders; about sovereignty and Indigenous rights from Lakota elders; about unity and pride from Northern Cheyenne elders – year after year after year. The lives of many young people have changed through this experience.


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