Drua Sailing Experience Pte Ltd (DSE) will deliver traditional Fijian drua theory and practical training for 200 youth, based in Viti Levu. This Indigenous knowledge which once thrived and allowed for the Ancestors to explore and inhabit the Pacific, was strongly discouraged through colonization. However, it has continued to flourish in small pockets of Indigenous communities in Fiji. The theory and practical training of Drua Sailing has been refined over the years by a dedicated team that has developed its curriculum. Not only will this revitalize Indigenous teachings and practices, through refining this practice, but language and arts will continue to survive and the activities will help Indigenous youth understand and value their ancestral culture.

The project seeks to be a catalyst for revitalization of drua sailing culture amongst Fijian youth and builds on a similar project that DSE had been running for the last two years. These include advocacy and work on sustainable shipping. Promoting and investing in these sailing methods, using renewable energy and moving away from fossil fuels is part of the Drua experience ethos. Not only saying but demonstrating how we are able to revitalize traditional knowledge of sailing and shipping that is sustainable, protects our Earth and is at the heart of sustainable living. This project will target 200 participants across maritime islands as well as in the urban centers.


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