Woody Morrison
Vancouver, Canada
May 2015
Focus Areas

“In 1982, after having graduated from Law School I returned home to Hydaburg, Alaska. My Uncle, Louis Kitkoon sent for me and gave me a new name and, at that time the Ceremony was passed to me. I asked, “When am I supposed to do this.” He answered, “You will know.” In October 2014 an image appeared in front of me: a miniature pool of water and a small object was dropped into the center of the pool. When I saw the waves radiating out, I heard the words, “It’s time.” It scared me so I didn’t tell anyone, then decided I had a responsibility to carry this out.”

“Dancing Under the Paddle” is a ceremony that had been done in secret for many years because it was against the law to perform it. Woody Morrison was trained in private at a young age to be a keeper of this ceremony like his grandfather. He has waited many years for the right time to perform “Dancing Under the Paddle” and when a vision came to him in October 2014, he knew that it was time. Sacred Fire Foundation has provided funding to help bring this ceremony to fruition.


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