Centro Profesional Indígena de Asesoría Defensa y Traducción Asociación Civil (CEPIADET A.C.)
Oaxaca, Mexico
August - December 2019
Focus Areas

As is the case with many other Indigenous languages, there is a systematic and rapid loss of speakers of the Tu’un Savi language and the oral transmission of the language to the next generations. While more than 96% of people over 30 years of age in Santiago Nuyoó are Mixtec speakers, only 40%  of people under 30 speak their native language.

This project aims to revitalize the Tu’un Savi language of Santiago Nuyoó and increase the population’s awareness of their linguistic rights. The aim is to improve the quality of language instruction and increase literacy rates among girls, boys and youth in their native language.

The community can look forward to participating in the creation of quality audio book recordings in Tu’un Savi, which will include important legends and rituals, games, tongue twisters, riddles and greetings. There will also be community workshops to generate materials based on the “Diversity Without Racism” and “Rights Live in All Languages” campaigns to be shared throughout the community.

The long-range vision of this project is to birth generations of girls and boys who are bilingual in Tu’un Savi and Spanish, and to see the teachers of the community schools have adequate materials for Tu’un Savi literacy.  It will also encourage the local population to understand and exercise their linguistic rights and use the Tu’un Savi language in ​​public spaces outside the community.


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