Enlace Comunicación y Capacitación A.C.
Municipios: Las Margaritas, La Trinitaria y La Independencia Grupo comunitarios: Montecristo Viejo, Las Margaritas Nuevo Guadalupe, Las Margaritas San José Las Palmas, La Independencia San Nicolás, La Trinitaria Santa Rosa El Oriente, La Trinitaria San An
March 2020

With this project, Enlace Comunicación y Capacitación AC will reconnect seven Tojolabal and Chuj Indigenous community groups in Chiapas with the ancestral practice of their grandmothers and grandfathers to improve food and nutrition in all families. These groups have recognized how ancestral practices support local or community agri-food systems, and the project seeks to rescue, raise awareness, and promote the performance of rituals, ceremonies, and actions that promote healthy, natural, and clean eating from historic memory.


The Tojolabal and Chuj people acknowledge that their grandparents’ wisdom about and practices of nature observation, bioenergy, and the lunar phases aided them in achieving a diet that represented a respect for Mother Earth and Natural Goods, as well as rituals and ceremonies performed for the Common Good. The project offers the opportunity to revisit those practices and adopt them into their current lives, so that they may improve their eating habits and live healthier lives.


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