Asociación Centro Indígena para el Desarrollo Sostenible - CINDES
Region Ucayali, Peru
1 month

“My life has changed with this project because I am a youth, a shadow and soul of the wise elders of the Shipibo people. I now practice ancestral values ​​and they are a tool for my education and defense of our culture. In the practice of my daily activities and teachings, I share my experiences with other young people and native communities to help our existence within the challenges of this country. I admire and I will defend my culture, alongside the Shipibo elders, because my life belongs to the ancestors who are taking care of us from the universe, helping us think and guiding us to a better path to protect our traditional knowledge.”

—Néstor Paiva Pinedo (28 years old)

This project seeks to preserve and value the Shipibo culture by uniting Shipibo elders and youth in a workshop entitled “Ceremony of Shipibo Ancestral Values.” This workshop is a traditional celebration and initiation, where songs of healing, love, work, hunting, praise of nature and the joy of living among the Shipibo are shared between elders to youth.

The complex cultural system of the Shipibo people is based on constant interaction between the material world and the spiritual world, specifically the Ayahuasca system, the mother plant of all medicinal plants of the Amazonian rainforest. Songs, dances and teachings all emerge through the genius and generosity of these sacred plants.


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