Poj Kaa A.C.
Las comunidades ayuujk que serán atendidas son las que se enlistan a continuación: Tlahuitoltepec; Las Flores; Nejapa; Tejas; Santa Cruz; Santa Ana; Magueyal; Laguna; Guadalupe Victoria; Frijol, Metate; Yacochi. La comunidades enlistadas pertenecen al mu
January 2020 - July 2021

In partnership with Poj Kaa A.C., this project seeks to recover the ancestral and spiritual wisdom and prayers of the Tsejxk (temazcal) in the Ayuujk People. Until 50 years ago, Temazcal healing structures—a type of low heat sweat lodge—existed in homes. Today, not only is the space not a priority, but the practices associated are forgotten. This project will support the construction of a Temazcal healing center, complete with the rituals performed as it’s being built and the Ayuujk language ceremonial speeches and prayers that follow. 


Like most Indigenous communities, the Ayuujk people are at risk of losing a grasp on their  language. This project ensures that not only will the language not be forgotten, but that the language will be understood more deeply because it will be practiced in parallel with the culturally meaningful construction of a Temazcal healing center. It is widely acknowledged that through experience, knowledge is affirmed in our lives, so through this project, future generations know the importance of maintaining this healing practice and a connection to their language. 



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