Khomani San Bushmen
Askham, South Africa (Khomani San Bushmen)
September 2020 - August 2021
Focus Areas

The Bushmen plan to create a small and humble center on ancestral lands so the remaining Khomani San Elders from the Be Saa tribe can continue to work with the youth on ancestral lands; away from distractions and challenges presented in the towns. While they are not permitted to live on their ancestral lands due to governmental restrictions, they are permitted to do ceremonies there.

The community will build kraals (enclosures using local materials) and huts on ancestral lands to support Elders teaching youth in ceremonial ways. Teachings will include Nama language instruction, cultural and ceremonial aspects of the Khomani San. This will also include the registration of the D.K. Xiap Sa healing development project.

The Khomani San were moved off their ancestral lands decades ago by the South African government to lands without water. Unable to live in the traditional ways their ancestors had for thousands of years prior, much of the traditional knowledge was lost.

The desired outcome of this project is the empowerment of Khomani San Bushmen to re-envision and renew ancient ceremonies on their terms. Many of the Elders in this community—those who carry the knowledge—have passed away. And with them, their knowledge goes, too. This is the time for the youth to come forward and learn from the remaining Elders so they can carry the knowledge forward. The youth feel comfortable in their tradition and have found their paths, and their spiritual path is strong in their daily lives. With the exchange workshops and help from the elders, the spiritual healers in training have a clear path to follow.

The entire Khomani San community has the possibility of being impacted by this project because this group represents the entire community in cultural events, but most importantly, the Elders who will be teaching the youth and the youth who will benefit from the teachings of the Elders will be impacted. 

The Bushmen are our oldest living ancestors. They carry profound knowledge and ways of knowing as do many Indigenous peoples around the world. This knowledge and way of living in balance and harmony with the Earth must be restored, not only for the Bushmen but for all humanity. As our oldest ancestors renew, so too does the world. As the Bushmen are empowered, this healing will ripple through everyone. 


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