Patronato Pro Escuela Preparatoria por Cooperación de San Francisco Ixhuatán, Oaxaca AC
El proyecto está ubicado en la Zona Oriente del Istmo de Tehuantepec Oaxaca en los municipios de Santo Domingo Zanatepec, San Francisco Ixhuatán, y San Francisco del Mar.
January 2020 - July 2021

Through the work of Patronato Pro Escuela Preparatoria por Cooperación de San Francisco Ixhuatán in Oaxaca AC Mexico, the Binniguenda project seeks to reacquaint the Ikoojts or Huaves, Binniza or Zapotec, and Anpoeg or Zoques peoples with the true history of the original peoples, and to leave behind the colonial history that has been imposed. The people of these localities have been ancestrally connected to the natural world and are mostly engaged in non-commercial agriculture and fishing, but the government is increasingly privatizing the sea, water, land, wind, and all natural assets to benefit foreign companies, creating deep fissures in ancestral continuum of understanding. What remains is a beleaguered economy for young people, who are in need of training. The project supports the creation of a space within the vicinity of San Francisco Ixhuatán and its surroundings in which there can be trainings to develop the capacities of young people who do not have access to universities or spaces for professional practice. 


In 2013, a community study revealed that the spaces where young people have learned about life have not been in school and its classrooms, but through the practice of living with the river, the sea, the field, the house, and, in general, the territory. By creating demonstration centers that converge in a microcosm of communal life, the project will give rise to an active training process, in interaction with nature, promoting sources of work for the self-sustainability of new generations. This will allow the transfer of knowledge that their peoples have maintained for centuries and that are the basis of their worldviews. For example, the people will return to the diet of the iguana that represents the lizard or mystical duality of their peoples. When executing the project, some parents or the elderly will join or be consulted by young people to be guided in the sowing or breeding practices, an experience that will allow the transfer of knowledge and legends.


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