Espacios para la Defensa el Florecimiento y Apoyo Comunitario Ra Race Dxiña ESPADAC A.C.
Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, Mexico
October 2019 - October 2010

The power of audio-visual media is being celebrated in this project, which aims to document traditional Binnizá construction, fishing, farming and caseiculture (cheese-making) techniques, as well as the use of traditional cooking methods. Through the innovative use of video, radio clips, social networks and community media, younger generations will be made aware of the importance of their traditional practices and ways of life.

The videos will film ‘a day in the life’ of fishermen, farmers, cooks and embroidery artists, documenting their work, techniques and knowledge. The filming will also include interviews with people from the communities who still participate in these same activities, and elderly people who want to contribute their experiences and knowledge to preserve and give visibility to the deep spirit of community life.

The videos, audios and photographs will then be disseminated throughout at least four communities, allowing people to see their traditional activities as a valuable and vital part of what has defined them as Binnizá peoples.

Modernization, mass media, marginalization and migration have all taken a toll on these communities. So it is more important than ever that these traditional activities are documented and accorded dignity. The hope of this project is that people see and understand the immense cultural, organizational and economic value of these activities and what they represent for their people.


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