Selva Sagrada / APRODEK
Comunidad Putuim, Morona Santiago
July - August

“The project is very important because it makes it possible to recover the medicinal and food plants that are actually the ancestral heritage of the Shuar people. From these resources, the food and medical industry can make great advances for the benefit of humanity. Since we are one humanity, it is time to share what we have between various societies and cultures. It is time to break walls by breaking inferiority and superiority complexes. In addition, this project unites families and cultures, improving good living, because it improves health and food and makes the exchange of knowledge, plants and food possible. This must continue in a perpetual and supportive way from generation to generation.”

~ Ms. Jenny Moncayo, Partner of the Sacred Forest Foundation

A Shuar Ancestral Bio-Garden will be established to select, cultivate, recover and manage a seed bank for traditional species of ancestral medicinal and comestible plants. 

Over the course of 12 months, the Sacred Forest Foundation will create a basic technical team for the project; prepare 2 hectares of land; select and sow seeds of 39 sacred species; investigate and record sacred Shuar chants and prayers; disseminate these seeds to 40 Shuar agro-producers; prepare construction materials; build and equip a ceremonial and agricultural centre for exhibitions and training; offer training workshops; transport and facilitate the sale of the harvests; prepare a technical and financial report; and systemize the experiences so that they can be duplicated.

The vision of this project is to see at least 200 Shuar families spiritually, nutritionally, culturally and economically empowered, with sustainable management of their local resources and living lives of true interculturality with other societies. These families would respect their culture, economy, and environment, and integrate proactively without losing their identity in the face of global and local challenges of the new century such as globalization and climate change.

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