October 5-6, 2019 • Sacred Fire Greensboro • Greensboro, North Carolina

For thousands of years, humans have gathered together around the fire for light, warmth and connection. Voices of Wisdom, an offering of the international Sacred Fire Foundation, provides an opportunity to gather together around a sacred fire, to sit with and learn from Indigenous elders and wisdom keepers.  In partnership with the Sacred Fire Greensboro community, we are pleased to announce a very special Voices of Wisdom featuring two well-respected women elders, Pahan Pte San Win (Lakota, Cree & Metis) and Kahontakwas, Diane Longboat (Mohawk).  

These elders will speak to time-tested wisdom that has been passed down and refined through the generations, and which they have each embodied through their own work and experience in the world.  While this Voices of Wisdom will focus on how we can help and be helped through the troubled times we live in, your sincere questions and expressed concerns will guide the conversation. 

Our venue is Deer Thicket Sanctuary, located on 60 acres of mixed forest and field in the central North Carolina Piedmont foothills.  We will gather around the fire in our Fire Pavilion, which the local Sacred Fire community participated in constructing.  From the beginning, the Land here has presented itself as a place for community to gather, to share, to connect with the natural world and each other.  

The program with Pahan and Diane will take place Saturday October 5, late morning to early evening. Then, on Sunday evening, October 6, attendees will be invited to come around the fire once again, in order to share what resonated for them, and explore how to move with, the teachings offered by the elders. This session will be facilitated by Shine and Christine Staub, initiated Firekeepers serving the Greensboro Sacred Fire community. 

Event Details & Registration

Event Details & Registration


Saturday, October 5, 2019

10:00 – 11:00 am Check-in (Please arrive with time to get settled, visit the Land and meet  fellow attendees.).

11:00 am Welcome, Introduction and Opening Ceremony

11:30 am -1:30 pm First Elder shares

1:30 pm A delicious potluck lunch

3:00 pm -5:00 pm  Second Elder shares

5:00 pm End of Saturday gathering.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

6:00 pm Arrive and make offerings to the Fire (no potluck this evening). 

Sharing circle: reflecting on how the wisdom shared by the elders can be applied in our modern, day-to-day lives, and how we can help each other as a community.

9:00 pm End of Sunday gathering.

Each Voices of Wisdom is sponsored by Sacred Fire Foundation and hosted by a regional Sacred Fire Community, whose Firekeepers hold the space for the gathering.


Adults: sliding scale: $35, $45, $55*.

(* Making an investment of $55 will ensure that the Sacred Fire Foundation can continue to support Elders and create opportunities for them to share their wisdom with communities such as ours.)

Youth 15-25: $25

Youth 14 and under: no fee


Information will be sent to you once we receive your registration.


Feel free to contact us with any questions about registration, accommodations or any additional information at

[email protected]. 





Sacred Fire Greensboro
Greensboro, North Carolina
(exact location and directions will be sent to you when you register)


Voices of Wisdom and the Sacred Fire Community

Each Voices of Wisdom event is hosted by a hamlet of the Sacred Fire Community, whose Firekeeper holds the space for the gathering. Collaboratively, we create openings to reconnect with the land and the spirits of the place where we live.

To learn more, visit http://sacredfire.community.


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