August 26-27, 2017 • Sacred Fire Asheville • Asheville, North Carolina

For thousands of years humans have gathered together around the fire for light, warmth and connection. Voices of Wisdom, an offspring of Ancient Wisdom Rising, is a new regional event by the Sacred Fire Foundation that brings communities together with local indigenous elders and wisdom keepers. In this time of great transition, Sacred Fire Foundation offers Voices of Wisdom as an opportunity to sit in circle and listen to elders, to each other and to fire. Being in the presence of the elders’ embodied wisdom can teach us how to open our relationship with nature, reciprocity, and capacity to “listen” to the living world around us.

Voices of Wisdom brings you together with indigenous elders that embody ancestral wisdom. At this event, held around a sacred Fire, elders not only speak, but also offer perspectives & experiences that help people feel the world around them as living, aware and sacred.

The way toward a long-term sustainable future is to individually and collectively regain empathy with each other and the natural world. Through indigenous ancestral wisdom, Voices of Wisdom opens your heart to feel renewed connections within yourself, among participants and with the living world.

At the Sacred Fire Community in Asheville N.C., Voices of Wisdom welcomes elders Amy Walker (Cherokee) and Wanbdi Wakita (Dakota).

Event Details & Registration

Saturday, August 26
11:00 am to 7:00 pm: Potluck lunch and talks by the elders

Sunday, August 27
7:00 pm – 10:00pm: Special Fire and discussion

The gathering will start on Saturday afternoon, starting with a potluck lunch with the elders. Following, people will sit by the fire and each of the two elders will speak in turn, offering the wisdom that they see is needed in that moment. There will be no evening program Saturday night and the elders will return to their homes the next morning.

On Sunday evening, attendees will reconvene around the fire before sunset. Everyone is invited to join in a simple ceremony to honor the fire with offerings to create a ritual space to hold the evening’s reflection and conversation. The offering substances will be provided. Your firekeepers will be Patrick Hanaway and Lisa Lichtig, initiated firekeepers who will tend the fire and who are skilled facilitators for group discussions. This is an opportunity for everyone to share what is stirring inside after listening to the elders. Sitting around a sacred fire helps uncover our deeper connections, emotions, and hearts knowing. Our time together closes at 10 pm.

Registration is now available online for this event:

  • $50.00  –  General Admission.
  • $35.00  –  I request to pay a lesser amount due to my personal circumstances.
  • Free Admission 14 and under.




Sacred Fire Asheville
Asheville, North Carolina
(exact location and directions will be sent to you when you register)


Voices of Wisdom and the Sacred Fire Community

Each Voices of Wisdom event is hosted by a hamlet of the Sacred Fire Community, whose Firekeeper holds the space for the gathering. Collaboratively, we create openings to reconnect with the land and the spirits of the place where we live.

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