August 6-10, 2015 • Blue Deer Center • Margaretville, New York

Indigenous wisdom traditions provide the world with diverse perspectives and practices based on respect, reciprocity and balance. As we increasingly feel the limitations of global systems that jeopardize our Earth, Sacred Fire Foundation encourages multi-generational gatherings centered on ancestral wisdom for social change. Here, we invite you to rise with us to experience the world as living, aware and sacred.

Welcome to Ancient Wisdom Rising 2015! We are so excited to bring together this group of elders and presenters with you on the beautiful and sacred grounds of the Blue Deer Center located in the Catskill Mountains (a short three hour drive from New York City).

The land itself and the magnificent mountain stream that flows through it provide an inspiring and rejuvenating backdrop for our program. This gathering is a rare opportunity to experience life in a community connected to the living world by the presence of the elder voices, the laughter of children, and the songs of the winds and the sacred stream.

There are several lodging, camping or commuting options available.

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