May 19-23, 2011 • Port Townsend, WA • Port Townsend, Washington

Indigenous wisdom traditions provide the world with diverse perspectives and practices based on respect, reciprocity and balance. As we increasingly feel the limitations of global systems that jeopardize our Earth, Sacred Fire Foundation encourages multi-generational gatherings centered on ancestral wisdom for social change. Here, we invite you to rise with us to experience the world as living, aware and sacred.

Words alone can’t express the depth of the teachings. From the unique view of Time from Woody Morrison, to the promise of the coming Age of Honey in Mayan prophesy from Erick Gonzalez.

…Sobonfu Some’s humorous and reflective discussion of real community, and the altar built to the ancestors

…Tom Goldtooth’s strength and advocacy for Mother Earth, & Ray Williams’ opening prayers and passionate stories of his people and homeland

…Vivek Godboles’ insights from Vedic astrology and the rich fire yagna ceremony

…Raina Ferris’ ceremony for Grandmother Ocean, and her creation of the song of Ancient Wisdom Rising

…Eliot Cowan’s sacred story telling and the dream journey he led to the plant people

The sacred space we opened with offerings to the fire moved us through emotions of connection, longing, conflict, unity and ultimately an enduring bond that will live beyond this event alone.

Our thanks to the Coast Salish peoples, and the residents of Port Townsend, who blessed us with their support and presence.


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