Woody Morrison

Kawan Sangaa began his training as a History Keeper for the Haida people at the age of three. Heir to the chief of the Whale House, he has sat in ceremony with tribal elders from around the world and has been an active planner and participant in international conferences on environmental, economic and health issues. He is president of the Vancouver Society of Storytelling and on the board of directors of Wisdom of the Elders, a non-profit organization that records and preserves Indigenous oral traditions and cultural arts in order to regenerate the greatness of culture among native peoples.

Woodrow F. (Woody) Morrison, Jr. was born of Virginia Elsie Cloud, a Cherokee, and Woodrow F Morrison Sr., a Haida. His parents met as a result of his father being sent to an Indian School in California. His father was a well respected Haida Elder and spoke the Haida language. Woody Jr. began his training with Haida elders as a history keeper when he was three years old. As a young child he enjoyed the depth of his own Haida culture inspired to walk the footsteps of his father as a fisherman. His life changed following 8th grade when he was sent to an Indian School. It was during this time his anger grew and rage began to consume him. His careful study of his own culture as well as the cultural indoctrination of Indian people through his and other’s experiences became a cornerstone to becoming a lawyer and returning to the history and stories of his people. Morrison utilizes his education and his rich Haida roots in transforming the abuses and anger that he and his people have experienced.


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