Eda Zavala

Eda Zavala Lopez comes from a long lineage of native women healers. A descendant of the Wari people she describes her knowledge of healing practices as being a part of her DNA. Her grandmother used plant medicines in a very natural way and Eda absorbed this directly and simply. She went on to study with native healers deep in the forest learning the intricacies of plant medicines and their properties from healers and the plants themselves.

Over a twenty year journey, Eda has supported and assisted Indigenous Communities’ efforts to protect the sacred rainforest, preserve traditional plants, perpetuate ancient healing plant practices, and empower themselves.

To stimulate interest and support for her Peruvian Indigenous brothers and sisters and the treasures of the rainforest, Eda now travels to the United States and other countries sharing her experiences and knowledge. She participates in conferences, forums, workshops, and conducts group healing ceremonies, as well as personal healing sessions. She has also been closely involved with Native American healers and Elders, and sacred ceremonies.

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